Snap Museum

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The Snap Museum project explored the question of what information can you convey concisely about an interactive project in a very limited timeframe.

The Snap Museum is a digital installation piece designed as a commentary on modern internet culture and capitalism. Modeled after the popular mobile application, Snapchat, each exhibit featured in the Snap Museum is viewable by the museum patrons for only a handful of seconds ­ determined by the museum curators ­ before it is permanently removed from the museum and incessible to all past and future patrons. To view an exhibit, museum patrons must continually engage with an input device such as keyboard or a touchscreen monitor in order to view an exhibit.

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How it Worked

For instance, in order to view a submission of a digital recreation of a famous marble bust a museum patron must keep their finger pressed to a touchscreen installed in the physical museum space in order for it to remain visible, if the patron removed their finger from the touchscreen then picture of the bust would quickly fade from view until he or she replaced their finger or the allotted time for the exhibit was exceeded.

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