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Founded in 2005, IndieCade is a video game festival held annually in California and New York in addition to having a booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), showcasing independently developed games from board games to video games. Often referred to as the "Sundance of videogames", IndieCade has helped propel numerous games into the spotlight and launch the careers of aspiring independent developers.

I first started working with IndieCade in the summer of 2012 with the scope of my responsibilities initially only involving site maintenance. However, my tasks quickly expanded to include design and development across the entire site.

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The Problem

After working with IndieCade for a year we realized that the process used to add games to their database was a very long and unintuitive. At that time, the idea was put forth that we create a system where users could enter and edit their own content, rather than requesting that the IndieCade staff make site updates.

The Challenge

The first challenge was to consolidate and trim down all of the data points that IndieCade had been collecting for the games in its database. Several of the fields that IndieCade was using in its database has become deprecated over time while other fields were lacking.

The second challenge was to create an intuitive and comprehensive system that could allow users to manage their own content on the IndieCade website without requiring multiple steps. Furthermore, to accommodate the new frontend user portal it was decided that it would be best to redesign the individual page for each entry at the IndieCade festival.


After completing a user task flow I began to work on some wireframes for the design of the frontend user portal.

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The Outcome

Following feedback from the wireframes and extensive testing including A/B testing after a very basic and limited alpha deployment of the portal I rolled out the first version of the IndieCade user portal in the summer of 2015.

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It was always our intention from when we rolled out the first user portal that we would revisit and redesign the portal for the 2016 festival and other events. After more testing and feedback we settled on a design for the new portal. Lastly, with a newly designed portal it was decided to refresh the IndieCade homepage as well.

IndieCade Overview Image